NE Attorney General Peterson Announces Top 10 Consumer Complaints

(KFOR NEWS  March 2, 2021)   It’s Consumer Protection Week.  The Nebraska Attorney General’s Office is launching a campaign to bring awareness to different consumer protection issues to help consumers better understand how to proactively protect themselves and make better-informed decisions.

 This year, the Nebraska Attorney General’s Office is focusing on “Top 10 Consumer Complaints” seen in Nebraska during 2020.  Each day this week, the Attorney General’s Office will be updating its social media pages with information on each of the Top 10 Consumer Complaints with tips for how Nebraskans can avoid falling victim to these frequently reported frauds and scams and ensure that their personal information stays protected.

 The “Top 10 Consumer Complaints” of 2020 are listed below in order of frequency:

 1.     Imposter Scams

 2.     Identity Theft

 3.     Home Repair, Improvement, & Products

 4.     Health Care

 5.     Auto Related Complaints

 6.     Internet Services

 7.     Online Shopping & Catalog Sales

 8.     Bank & Lenders

 9.     Debt Collection

 10.  Telephone & Mobile Services

 For more information on these and other consumer protection issues, please visit, or stop by the Attorney General’s Office in the State Capitol, Room 2115, for a free packet of consumer protection information.

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