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Nebraska Appleseed Raises Concern Over New USDA Pork Rule

Nebraska Appleseed is raising concerns as the U.S. Department of Agriculture eases restrictions on pork processing plants.

The new USDA rules lower the number of meat inspectors in pork plants by 40%, allowing processors to police themselves and removes all limits on the speed of production lines. Appleseed says meat packing workers already face dangerous working conditions, and called the changes a step backwards.

“Meatpacking and poultry workers help feed families across the country, yet must endure some of the most dangerous working conditions in the United States,” said Darcy Tromanhauser Nebraska Appleseed’s Director for the Immigrants & Communities Program. “Workers face an epidemic of severe and disabling injuries caused by punishing work speeds and grueling, repetitive motions.”

Appleseed also said that with less inspectors creates food safety concerns including food born diseases.

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