Nebraska Attorney General Files Lawsuit Against TikTok

LINCOLN–(KFOR May 22)–A lawsuit was filed Wednesday in the Nebraska Supreme Court by State Attorney General Mike Hilgers against social media platform TikTok, saying the company violated Nebraska’s consumer protection laws.

The suit claims TikTok in engaged in deceptive and unfair trade practices with the intent to design and operate a platform that is addictive and harmful to teens and children. Hilgers says in the lawsuit TikTok “has fueled a youth mental health crisis in Nebraska.” TikTok has held itself as a leader and advocate for online safety.

“Not only does social media use interfere with sleep, school, and family activities, but it also leads to social isolation, fosters unrealistic social comparison, and exposes young users to age-inappropriate content. TikTok has shown no regard for the wreckage its exploitative algorithm is leaving behind. We will hold them accountable for the costs and damage they are inflicting on Nebraska families and children,” Hilgers said on Wednesday.

The lawsuit follows a State investigation into TikTok’s business practices, which the lawsuit claims TikTok intentionally delayed, evaded, and failed to adequately comply with.