Nebraska Beef Producers Offering Passport Program

Lincoln, NE (May 4, 2021) May is national beef month.  In Nebraska, the people who produce beef are going all out to entice you to eat more beef this summer.

The Nebraska Beef Council is offering the Good Life Great Steaks Beef Passport program, a small booklet that looks like a passport.  It lists 41 restaurants across the state, ranging from the Farm Table Cafe in Falls City to Ole’s Big Game Lounge in Paxton.

You can have each stamped by your waiter as you order a beef dish there.  The more stamps you collect, the larger prizes you’re eligible for in a drawing.

The stamped books need to be mailed back to the Beef Council by September 7th. in order to be eligible for prizes. Order a passport here:

Lincoln area restaurants participating in the program include Misty’s Steakhouse and Lounge, Downtown and Havelock, Shilling Bridge Cork & Tap House, and Round the Bend Steakhouse in Ashland.