The Nebraska Farm Bureau Foundation was awarded a grant from the National Agriculture in the Classroom Organization to support the growth of agricultural literacy in pre-kindergarten-12th grade classrooms in Nebraska.

Nebraska’s project titled, “Learn, Then Do: A Phenomenon-Based Field Experience,” develops a model for a writer’s workshop for teachers to create Next Generation Science Standards lessons using agriculture as the context for learning.

The program will provide Nebraska certified teachers from Lincoln Public Schools a paid training opportunity to develop lessons that support Nebraska’s newly adopted science standards using real-life examples from Nebraska agriculture. A total of twenty teachers from LPS will be selected to pilot the program.

“This program will support LPS teachers in the shift of moving to the new Nebraska standards within agricultural topics,” said James Blake, science curriculum specialist at LPS. “I look forward to partnering with the Nebraska Farm Bureau Foundation on the project to achieve great science education for youth in LPS.”

The three-day workshop will start with training on event-based learning and discussion about how Nebraska science standards and agriculture connect.

 The final day will be working in small groups to write ten lessons based on the previous days’ ideas of science phenomena in agriculture.

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