Nebraska Farmers Union Applauds John Berge’s  Appointment to Head the Nebraska USDA Farm Service Agency

LINCOLN, NE (December 30, 2021) – Nebraska Farmers Union on Thursday applauded the appointment of John Berge to head the Nebraska USDA (FSA) Farm Service Agency. “Farmers and ranchers depend on federal farm programs to help them pay their bills and operate their farms and ranches” said NeFU President John Hansen.

“We know John Berge well. He has a vast background in farm policy, the legislative process, USDA administrative and organizational policies and structure, and Nebraska agriculture and natural resources. In addition, NeFU believes Berge’s experience as General Manager of the North Platte Natural Resources District and familiarity with western Nebraska agriculture and its natural resources, crops, climate and production challenges are a valuable asset.”

Hansen noted, “NeFU worked closely with John Berge in his previous positions as legislative staff for U.S. Senators Exon, Kerrey, and Nelson. Berge’s extensive knowledge and experience with USDA at both the state and national levels will allow him to hit the ground running.”

Berge previously served as State Executive Director of Nebraska FSA under the Clinton Administration from 2000-2001. From 2009 to 2013, during the Obama Administration, Berge served in the Washington, DC USDA in a wide range of positions including  USDA White House Liaison, Deputy and Acting Assistant Secretary for Congressional Relations, Executive Director of the National Food and Agriculture Council, and Deputy Administrator of the Farm Service Agency.

“Not only does John Berge know how the USDA administrative system works, he knows who to call to get it fixed when it does not work as it should. We are excited about the prospect of putting Berge’s extensive background to work on behalf of Nebraska agriculture. We commend President Biden for his appointment of John Berge to lead the Nebraska USDA Farm Service Agency.”

Hansen said “Now that the appointment of our state FSA Executive Director and one member of the FSA State Committee have been made, we are hopeful that the appointments of the remaining four FSA State Committee members will be made soon by the Biden Administration. Nebraska Farmers Union is very pleased with the appointments of John Berge as Executive Director of Nebraska FSA, Roy Stoltenberg to the State FSA Committee and Kate Bolz to head USDA Rural Development. They are all top notch appointments.”

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