Nebraska Realtors Association Helping With Disaster Relief Effort for April 26 Tornado Victims

LINCOLN–(KFOR June 3)–A disaster relief effort has been ongoing for about a month, where the Nebraska Realtors Association applied and was recently awarded a $600,000 grant from the National Realtors Association.

That money will be awarded in increments of $2,000 to any victims that apply, who were affected by the April 26 tornadoes in eastern Nebraska.

Arla Meyer is the Nebraska Realtors Association president and tells KFOR News the money is not required to be spent on anything specific. It could go toward anything from items lost in the storm to mortgage payments. She says people affected need to go to to apply.

“The application to receive that grant is on the first page,” Meyer said.

The options also include hotel reimbursement due to displacement from the primary residence as a result of the tornado outbreak of April 26th, 2024. All grants will be reviewed on a first-come, first-served basis and are contingent upon funds being available.

Meyer says for people affected by the storm to qualify for this donation, they need to submit a complete application which must include photo identification showing proof of residency and a copy of your mortgage statement, lease or rental agreement, or your receipt for your hotel or short-term rental receipt for the time displaced from your primary residence.

Meyer adds they have a few applications come in already.

“I think we’re at about 64 applications incoming, so far, so we still have plenty of money left and we would love to use every last bit of it,” she said.

Photos showing proof of damage, an insurance estimate, copies of written claims, settlement proceeds, or claim status reports, or copies of repair estimates from contractors are also needed. All applications must be received by July 12th to qualify for assistance.

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