Both Nebraska State Sentaors Ben Sasse and Deb Fischer voted to approve the appointment of the new Secretary of Defense Mark Esper.

Senator Sasse stated “Secretary Esper is a sharp thinker and proven leader. Going back to his days as an infantry officer fighting Saddam Hussein’s army on the battlefield, Mark has earned a reputation for taking the fight to the enemy, and he knows that the Department of Defense needs to up its cyber game. He’s got his work cut out for him.”

Senator Fischer issued a statement saying “Secretary Esper’s service as the Secretary of the Army for the past two years has demonstrated that he is an effective leader who understands the threats facing our nation. I appreciated Secretary Esper’s honesty and thorough understanding of the importance of a strong national defense, something that came across clearly during his confirmation hearing.”

Esper won Senate confirmation on Tuesday by a vote of 90-8 and ends a stretch of seven months the Pentagon didn’t have a permanent leader.

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