Nebraska Seniors Have Less To Worry About When It Comes To Personal Safety.

(KFOR NEWS  November 7, 2022)   According to Best States to Retire in – a study that identifies which states are the safest for seniors based on an analysis of 5 relevant metrics ranging from violent crime, financial crime, and organizations and assistance services dedicated to their safety – elders living in Nebraska have less to worry about, as the state has one of the lowest rates of violent crimes per capita such as murders, rapes, and robberies, committed against them, and one of the smallest amounts of money lost due to crimes.

With #1 considered the best and #50 the worst, Nebraska ranks:

#20 Organizations and assistance services for the elderly
#24 Deaths from Falls
#4 Crimes against the elderly
#6 Money lost in crimes against the elderly
#21 Violent Crimes

For the complete study and methodology, or additional details about Best States to Retire in, please visit…

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