Nebraska Task Force One Prepared To Help With Hurricane Florence Recovery

Nebraska’s Urban Search and Rescue team is in North Carolina, getting hunkered down before Hurricane Florence makes landfall.

They arrived in Fayetteville early Wednesday evening and relocated to Hope Mills, NC, which is nearby. Initially, the unit may be doing boat rescue and evacuation.

KFOR News asked LFR Division Chief of EMS Roger Bonin about how far they are expected to take people by boat and who will take care of them.

“Once we get them out of their neighborhoods and to the collection point, then it becomes a responsibility of the emergency management in the area,” Bonin said.  He adds he’s been in contact with local emergency officials, indicating they will be “a tool in their tool box to help them out.”

Bonin and the rest of the Task Force One members from Lincoln are stationed about 50 miles from the Atlantic coast line.



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