Nebraska’s U.S. Senators Voted Thursday Against A Bill Seeking To Curb Gun Violence

(KFOR NEWS  June 24, 2022)  Nebraska’s Republican pair of U.S. Senators voted Thursday against a bill seeking to curb gun violence.

Senator, Ben Sasse:  “We’ve got two objectives:  First, local, state, and federal governments need to focus on the mental health issues that are at the root of mass shootings committed by deeply-troubled and suicidal young men.  Second, doing that right means doing the careful work of building strong due process protections so that governments focus on the at-risk individuals without burdening constitutional rights.  Unfortunately, the way this bill has been hastily drafted, it accomplishes the first but not the second, and I cannot support it.  Unlike the legislation the Senate voted on tonight, the Safe Kids, Safe Schools, Safe Communities Act of 2022 would be a more responsible step to increase funding for background checks, enhance resources to prosecute gun crimes, and secure schools — without compromising constitutional rights. I’m disappointed this bill didn’t receive a vote.

Fellow Republican U.S. Senator, Deb Fischer, also released a statement after voting against the gun legislation before the U.S. Senate:  I appreciate that this bill contains funding for expanded mental health services and enhanced school security – these are important ways to help keep our kids and communities safe. However, I have serious concerns about other parts of the legislation that would infringe upon law-abiding citizens’ second amendment rights and limit due process. I cannot support this bill.

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