The City has launched BUSLNK, a new smartphone app that helps StarTran riders plan trips, track buses and get information on detours and stop closures. The app is available in Android and iOS app stores and provides the following:

· Real-time arrival information and bus tracking

· Alerts for detours, closed stops, holidays and inclement weather

· The location of the closest bus stop

· Quick access to monitor favorite stops and routes

· A trip planner to find the best route and schedule for rider destinations

· A fare schedule

· Instructions to download the Token Transit app to purchase passes by phone

· The ability to provide comments or suggestions directly to StarTran

“Taking the bus in Lincoln is simple, but BUSLNK makes it even easier to find the best route and stop times to reach your destination,” said Mike Davis, StarTran Transit Manager. “The app will be one of the primary ways we let riders know when their routes are affected by inclement weather or detours. We are looking forward to taking advantage of instant communications with our passengers.”

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