New Poll Shows Nebraska Voters Want Less Government

More than two-thirds of Nebraskans are calling for a Convention of the States, in a new poll out this week. The poll, conducted by Moore Information research firm, asked 350 Nebraskans over a two-day period last week if they would favor passing the Convention of States Resolution, which would propose constitutional amendments that limit federal spending and federal power as well as establish term limits for Congress and federal judges.

Republicans widely favor Nebraska calling for a Convention of States (79%), as does a majority of Democrats (53%), according to the survey. The resolution to support an Article V convention is currently pending in the Nebraska Senate (LR 6). The Convention of States Project is currently organized in all 50 states with over two million volunteers, supporters, and advocates.

The firm also polled voters on who they think should be their party’s candidate for the Gubernatorial Election held in November.

In the race for the republican nomination for Governor, Pete Ricketts holds a 69-percent lead over Krystal Gable who currently holds 10 percent of the support. 21 percent are still undecided on who should receive the republican nomination for Governor.

Support is wide open in the race for the Democrat nomination for Governor. 71 percent of democrats are undecided on a candidate for the gubernatorial primaries in May. Bob Krist leads the 3-person field so far, with 24 percent of support. Vanessa Ward and Tyler Davis hold 3 percent of the support.

Also according to the poll, a narrow majority of Nebraska voters approve of the job President Donald Trump is doing. 56 percent of the polled population approve. 42 percent disapprove.



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