No Updates To Proposed Regulations in Gender-Affirming Ban For Minors

LINCOLN–(KFOR/Nebraska Examiner Jan. 23)–Two months ago, parents and supporters of transgendered teens that testified at a public hearing here in Lincoln about warnings against regulating gender-affirming care for minors being too strict.

Since then, Nebraska’s Chief Medical Officer Dr. Timothy Tesmer has made no major changes to draft regulations proposed to meet a new law.

A spokesperson for the Nebraska Department of Health and Human Services told the Nebraska Examiner Dr. Tesmer and anyone else HHS would not comment on the lack of changes from public feedback. On Monday, the State Board of Health review them and sent them for a legal review. The Nebraska Attorney General’s Office would do those reviews and Governor Jim Pillen, who supports LB574 (the gender-affirming regulating bill), is planning to sign off on the regulations.

The new regulations would have to be in place by the end of March.