The Nebraska State Patrol is inviting everyone at the State Fair to show their support for victims of the flooding and blizzards earlier this year.

The Patrol wants to cover one of its cruisers, a Dodge Charger, with #NebraskaStrong messages. Those messages, written on Post-It notes, will be used to cover the cruiser that’s on display in the State Patrol booth.

“Basically, we just want Nebraskans to come together and put down whatever type of safety message they want,” said Nebraska State Trooper Charlie Cook who has high hopes for covering the cruiser. “I believe just based off of what I’m seeing already in the first few hours, I think it’s probably gonna get covered.”

Gov. Pete Ricketts stopped by the State Patrol booth Friday to make his contribution to covering the cruiser with his own Post-It note and thanking the Troopers for their service to Nebraskans.

Fair attendees can visit the display, write their message on a Post-It note, and attach it to the cruiser any time now through Labor Day.

Nebraska State Troopers also were the first customers at the games offered at the State Fair Midway on opening day, Friday.

The patrol’s investigators inspected the games just before opening, to make sure that each one complies with Nebraska state law. The games must have rules posted, must require an element of skill, and must be winnable.

The State Fair runs through Monday, September 2, in Grand Island.

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