It was a dangerous evening for a Lincoln Police officer Sunday morning. LPD says an officer responded to a report of a suspicious vehicle near 32nd and Huntington shortly after 6:30 a.m. Sunday.

According to Officer Angela Sands, an officer approached the car to make contact and the driver began backing out of the stall to avoid the officer. The driver quickly accelerated out of the parking lot and veered towards another officer. Sands told KFOR News the officer was forced to jump out of the way, to avoid being pinned between both cars, but the car struck the officer causing a minor hand and elbow injury.

The officer reported that there was plenty of room for the car to exit the lot but the driver intentionally swerved in an attempt to hit the officer. The driver fled the area.

The vehicle was located just an hour later after it was involved in a hit and run accident at 33rd and Cornhusker. Witnesses say the man fled the scene.

Officers are still searching for the driver.