Omaha Man’s Remains Identified After Being Found In SW Lancaster County
Braden Bongers (Courtesy of Omaha Police)
Justin Thornley (Courtesy of Omaha Police)

LINCOLN–(KFOR Apr. 14)–Deputies have identified the remains found Tuesday morning in southwest Lancaster County, as that of a 68-year-old man from Omaha.

Lancaster County Sheriff’s Captain Tommy Trotter on Friday said that the remains were positively identified as Gary Lew and on Thursday, investigators interviewed family members who indicated he had been the victim of a homicide in Omaha last month.

Lancaster County deputies turned the case over to the Omaha Police Department’s Homicide Unit, who then went out and made four arrests in connection to the case.  On Thursday,  OPD detectives arrested 37-year-olds Christina Thornley and Jacob Thornley, 39-year-old Justin Thornley and 26-year-old Braden Bongers, 26, for various charges.  Bongers was arrested for second-degree murder, while Jacob and Justin Thornley were each arrested for second-degree murder, tampering with evidence and concealing a body.  Christina Thornley was arrested for accessory to a felony, tampering with evidence and concealing a body.

Jacob Thornley (Courtesy of Omaha Police)
Christina Thornley (Courtesy of Omaha Police)

Trotter said Lew’s body had been in the ditch near SW 128th and West Martell Road for approximately a month, shortly after the murder happened in Omaha.  OPD has taken over the full investigation into the homicide, with the Lancaster County Sheriff’s Office providing some assistance.