Open Harvest Grocery Co-op Announces Plans for New Telegraph District Location

(KFOR NEWS  April 26, 2022)   Backed by almost 50 years of history as a Lincoln grocery co-op, Open Harvest recently announced plans for a new Telegraph District location.

As a way to overcome limited space, aging equipment, and an expired lease that could not be renewed, this relocation will provide the foundation for an exciting path forward for Open Harvest.  It will help the established grocery co-op thrive for the next generation of Lincoln’s community-minded shoppers.

“What makes us unique is that while there are other grocery stores locally owned, we’re the only one in Lincoln that’s legitimately owned by the Lincoln community,” said Amy Tabor, General Manager of Open Harvest. “This Telegraph District location will give us a bigger retail space to deliver more to our community.”

Open Harvest has executed a Letter of Intent to lease approximately 10,000 square feet of retail grocery store space in the Telegraph District, in the historic ALLO Building at 330 S. 21st Street.
In relocating, the co-op will remain in the core of Lincoln and will continue to provide the community with access to fresh, local, organic products, and grow the market for sustainably produced food.  The relocation of the co-op will also provide an updated shopping and dining experience, with greater product selection and much improved parking.

“This project has been years in the making,” said Tabor. “The Board and Management has invested time in listening to our ownership and working through the feasibility of several locations.  We truly believe that this opportunity in the Telegraph District will set Open Harvest on a successful path for years to come.”

“We’re so excited to welcome Open Harvest into the Telegraph District”, said Clay Smith, a leading development partner in the Telegraph District project. “Having a locally based grocery option with a future- focused vision makes this co-op the perfect fit for our growing community.”


The Open Harvest Grocery Co-op is so much more than a grocery store. It is a place where community and sustainability come together in a very powerful way. This community-centric culture dates back to 1971 when 10 Lincoln households came together, united in their concern with the lack of access to natural and local foods.  As time went on, the buying club evolved into a cooperative and moved into its first brick and mortar location in 1975.  Open Harvest was officially born. Today, with its roots planted firmly in the soil of community, the Co-op
thrives alongside its 2,300+ Member Owners.


Developed as a new community on the edge of downtown Lincoln, the Telegraph District blends hundreds of premium residential and commercial spaces to form a thriving area for anyone looking for new opportunities. The innovative spirit of the district is connected to the history of the Lincoln Telephone and Telegraph Company, which established a foundation in this area in 1903 and created new possibilities for everyone who made this special pocket of Lincoln part of their journey.