Overheated Rangefinder Believed to be Suspected Cause of Fire In Truck Bed

LINCOLN–(KFOR July 25)–A rangefinder left inside a golf club bag that was in the back of a pickup truck bed got overheated from being out in the sun and caught on fire late Monday afternoon in a southeast Lincoln neighborhood.

According to Lincoln Fire and Rescue, an investigator found the golf bag in the truck bed parked outside a home northwest of 98th and Pine Lake Road and the rangefinder was in a side pocket or bag. The rangefinder uses lithium batteries and heat built up in the bag, after being out in the sun.

Fire officials say it’s similar to leaving a cellphone out in the sun, but it will shut off when it gets overheated. The rangefinder, though, doesn’t shut off. It kept absorbing heat and it started on fire.