Patty Pansing Brooks Says Fortenberry’s Ability to Serve the District is Irreparably Damaged

(KFOR NEWS  March 25, 2022)  The following is a statement from Senator Pansing Brooks from this morning’s news conference regarding the conviction of Congressman Jeff Fortenberry:

Good morning. Thank you for coming. This is a very sad day for all of us. It’s a sad day for the State of Nebraska, especially the First Congressional District, as well as the Fortenberry family. I take no joy whatsoever in the findings of the California jury in this matter. I find no joy in the environment of dark money and influence peddling or the pressure put on public officials. Our campaign finance laws need to be reviewed  and reformed. We need only look at the big money that has already fueled the mean-spirited ads in this Republican primary to understand what is feeding the toxic political culture. This is also why I have said no to corporate PAC dollars. I don’t want them, and I won’t accept them.

While the ultimate fate of Congressman Fortenberry is yet to be determined. It is clear that his ability to effectively represent the citizens of this congressional district has been irreparably damaged. As a mom, business lawyer and state senator, I have the experience and integrity to not only be a fresh face, but to bring a fresh approach. I will devote my full energy, soul and experience to the critical interest of the citizens of the state. I have stepped forward to pursue that path regardless of the opponent.

As I stated when I entered this race, my campaign for Congress is about more than any indictment against one elected official. This is about changing a toxic political culture that is represented by the candidates currently running in the Republican primary. My campaign is about issues that matter to our people: inflation, social security, broadband, healthcare, workforce development, housing and a multitude of other issues.

For the remaining stages of this race for Congress, it is my intention to be devoted to issues and not personalities, to solutions to the issues facing the state and country, which will require collaboration, dedication, honesty, and strength. It is no longer acceptable to demonize and belittle those with whom we have honest disagreements. Now is the time for thoughtful, careful dialogue and consideration of the best path towards finding the common good for our country.We cannot allow a return to business as usual when the dust settles. Yesterday’s conviction of Congressman Fortenberry is a wakeup call –  And I am here to answer the call. I will serve with integrity and compassion, and fight for each and every Nebraskans.

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