Penner Announces Plan to Bring Motion Against Current Board of Education Health Standards

(KFOR NEWS  January 10, 2022)   Kirk Penner, who was recently appointed by Governor Pete Ricketts to represent District 5 on the Nebraska State Board of Education (SBOE) plans to introduce a motion to permanently reject the health standards as presented by the Board of Education in the last year.  In a prepared statement, Penner called for these rules to be made at the local level.

“I’m adamant about local control and parental involvement. We need decisions like health standards to be left to our local school boards, the parents, and professionals,” said Penner. “You’re going to hear this a lot from me on this Board – my focus will be local control and parental involvement.”

This motion will be Penner’s first as a member of the SBOE.  Penner plans on bring the motion to a vote of the Board at the February monthly meeting.

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