People’s City Mission is Holding The ‘Gimme Shelter’ Benefit to Raise Bottled Water Donations

LINCOLN–(KFOR June 13)–It’s the seventh year the People’s City Mission has done the Gimme Shelter benefit to raise enough bottled water to have in supply at the shelter this summer for people staying or stopping by to keep cool. Pastor Tom Barber will go without sleep, food and shelter until 9am Friday.

KFOR News caught up with Pastor Tom around 11am Thursday, two hours into the benefit. He was asked how he prepares for it and he said you have to get yourself mentally ready.

“It’s the sleep part (that’s difficult),” he said.  “Going 30 hours without sleep, for those  listening and that are older know what I’m talking about.  You get into your 70s,  30 hours without sleep is tough, tough to do.”

You can find Pastor Tom outside of the Hy-Vee at 84th and Holdrege to stop by and donate bottled water. Last year, the mission received six pallets worth of bottled water donations that lasted into the fall.