Pillen Declares State of Emergency for Nebraska Counties Impacted by Missouri River Flooding

LINCOLN–(KFOR/News Release June 25)–Governor Jim Pillen on Monday declared a state of emergency for Nebraska counties along the Missouri River that have been or will face flooding issues, which will immediately free up state funds and resources, should the need arise.

The proclamation confers authority to Nebraska’s Adjutant General to activate those resources, to protect lives and property. Heavy rain in southeast South Dakota, northeast Nebraska and northwest Iowa has resulted in severe flooding.

Over the weekend, Gov. Pillen authorized the deployment of a military helicopter and four-member National Army Guard crew to assist the Iowa National Guard in search and rescue operations in and around Sioux City.
Gov. Pillen continues to receive updates from the Nebraska Emergency Management Agency (NEMA) and the U.S. Corps of Engineers as to the status of the Missouri River. Both agencies are closely monitoring the impact to communities as the water’s crest continues downstream in the coming days.