Police, State Troopers Plan Stepped Up “O” Street Traffic Enforcement

Lincoln, NE (March 7, 2022) In an effort to help reduce traffic crashes and promote motor vehicle safety, the Lincoln Police  Department and the State Patrol, will be conducting traffic  enforcement details on yet to be determined evenings in March through August 2022. The objective is to  conduct a High Visibility Traffic Enforcement Detail within the city limits of Lincoln in an effort to help  reduce the number of motor vehicle crashes and promote safe and responsible driving behavior. This will  be a joint detail with emphasis on “O” Street between 17th and 98th Streets. 

The Nebraska Department of Transportation-Highway Safety Office is providing overtime funding for  increased enforcement during this detail. 

A statement by Lincoln Police, announcing the campaign, said “It is our hope that by raising awareness, along with added enforcement, we can help reduce the number of  traffic crashes resulting in injury or death in 2022 as compared to 2021.”