Police Watching Closely For Over-Served Bar Patrons And Drivers Under The Influence

Lincoln, NE (March 17, 2022)  In an effort to help impact motor vehicle crashes, intoxicated driving and deter overserving, the Lincoln Police Department are conducting a special detail today and tonight. The goal is to reduce the number of motor vehicle crashes and DWI violations while helping to promote responsible sales & service of alcoholic beverages in licensed liquor establishments throughout the city.

Extra officers will be added to each of Lincoln’s four geographic police teams. They will be conducting alcohol compliance checks at various licensed liquor establishments on each team area. When that detail is complete, the officers will conduct a high visibility traffic enforcement with emphasis placed on traffic enforcement and DWI violations.

The Nebraska Department of Transportation-Highway Safety Office is providing funding for the extra officers participating in this detail.

A statement from the Police Department says “It is our hope that, by conducting this special detail, we can help reduce the number of traffic crashes and intoxicated drivers while promoting responsible sales & service of alcoholic beverages.”