Postal Service Cost-Cutting Measures Worry Nebraska Business Owners

(KFOR NEWS  October 19, 2021)   Small-business owners in Nebraska are concerned about losing customers during the upcoming holiday season as the U-S Postal Service makes additional changes aimed at reducing costs.

The Postal Service has projected that mail traveling less than 1,000 miles will now take at least 3 days to arrive, and mail traveling more than 1,900 miles will take 5 days or more. The latest changes, which also will reduce post office hours, are part of Postmaster General Louis DeJoy’s 10-year plan, called “Delivering for America.”

Christopher Shaw is an author and Postal Service historian.  He notes that the Postal Regulatory Commission has suggested that cost savings in Dejoy’s plan are likely exaggerated. He adds that slower service and reduced postal hours could cause more people to take their business elsewhere.

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