(KFOR NEWS  July 19, 2019)  An inmate assaulted two staff members at the Nebraska State Penitentiary on Wednesday, July 17, 2019.  One staff member sustained a serious injury* including a cut that needed a topical adhesive and bruising.  The second staff member sustained bruising.  The incident happened just before 6:00 p.m. An inmate verbally threatened a staff member and punched the staff member in the face and head.  A second staff member who arrived to assist, was punched in the head. The first staff member deployed oleoresin capsicum (pepper spray).  Additional staff members restrained the inmate.  Both staff members were treated at a Lincoln hospital and returned to work.  The incident will be investigated with findings provided to the county attorney for determination of criminal prosecution.  The NDCS disciplinary process will be utilized with sanctions, such as loss of good time, applied according to the rules and regulations.

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