Proposed Revisions to LPDs Use of Force and Control techniques

(KFOR NEWS  August 21, 2020)   The Lincoln Police Department has been conducting a mid-year expedited review of its policy on use of force to respond to recent concerns and to strengthen existing policies and expectations.  The following proposed revisions to the policy would make current policy more explicit and codify LPD’s current best practices:

  • An explicit ban on chokeholds and strangleholds
  • Codifying the current training that officers provide a verbal warning before the use of lethal force when feasible and the warning would not endanger those involved
  • More comprehensive reporting of the use of force
  • A reaffirmation of the duty to intervene
  • Specification of de-escalation strategies that are part of existing policies, practice, and the culture of LPD, and that involve evaluating the totality of an individual’s circumstances before using force

Go here to see current Use of Force and Control Techniques.

Go here to see proposed revisions to the Use of Force and Control Techniques 

Changes will be finalized by September 30th.

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