Regents To Consider Allowing Alcohol On Campus

Lincoln, NE (February 3, 2022)  The University of Nebraska prohibits the sale and consumption of alcoholic liquor on all of its campuses.  The only exceptions have been instances “otherwise permitted by Board of Regent policy” and in classes that involve the tasting of beverages.  That policy may soon change.  The Board of Regents will consider a resolution, at the February 11th meeting, that would allow sale and consumption of alcohol on all University property.

The resolution up for consideration would amend the Regents June 5, 1999 policy and allow dispensing of alcohol at “scheduled private social events and for special designated permits.”

The proposed amendment says it is a “first step towards permitting the sale of alcohol at athletic or other campus events.”  It would allow the campuses to consider the dispensing, sale, and consumption of alcoholic liquor at athletic or other campus events in specifically designated facilities and areas.  It would also allow promotion of alcoholic liquor on campus.  For example, it would allow wine, beer or liquor advertising in programs and on the digital advertising signs in Memorial Stadium.  University trademarks and logos could be used in conjunction with liquor advertising, according to the proposal, but the use of University mascots such as Little Red and Herbie Husker would be prohibited.

Right now, Illinois, Indiana, Maryland, Ohio State, Purdue, Rutgers,  Minnesota, and Iowa allow the sale of beer and/or wine at their athletic events.

The policy makes clear, in several different places, that in no event would alcohol sales be allowed to anyone under the age of 21, and that all sale of alcohol at pubic events, or serving at private catered events, would have to be done in strict compliance with all Nebraska liquor laws.  It also makes clear that the University’s President and the Chancellor of each campus will have the authority to allow, and formulate rules for alcohol service and consumption at both private events and at public events such as athletics.

Husker Athletic Director Trev Alberts recently circulated a survey among ticket customers and stakeholders asking about various Memorial Stadium amenities and policies, and the sale of alcohol was one of the items included in the survey.