LINCOLN-(KFOR August 16)–A ribbon cutting Friday afternoon for Station 15 at 66th and Pine Lake Road, the combined station for Lincoln Fire and Lincoln Police.

“The size of the station is significantly larger because it is a joint-venture station,” LFR Captain Andy Evans told KFOR News.  “It’s gonna allow for additional collaboration between fire and police crews that will be co-located.”

For now, this will be the only combined station between both agencies.

“We’ll probably see more things like this because it’s a good utilization of resources,” Captain Evans said.

Station 15 is part of a group of five new facilities for Lincoln Fire & Rescue.

A new station 16 will be built near 98th and “O”, while the relocation of Fire Station 12 to 84th and Pioneers is expected to be done soon. Already, Station 11 relocated to east of NW 48th and West Adams in 2018, while Station 10 moved to just south of 24th and Superior in July 2019.