Ricketts Rails Against UN-L Chancellor For Race Plan

(KFOR NEWS  November 23, 2021)   LINCOLN, Neb. (AP) –  Gov. Pete Ricketts is railing against the chancellor of the University of Nebraska’s flagship campus in Lincoln, saying he was misled about a plan designed to address racial disparities on campus, even as the university system’s president tried to de-escalate the situation.  Read NU President, Ted Carter’s open letter to Nebraskans here.

Ricketts says he has “lost all faith” in University of Nebraska-Lincoln Chancellor Ronnie Green, who has endorsed the plan as a way to make the campus more diverse and inclusive. Ricketts says Green told him the plan was an effort to increase the number of minority faculty, staff and students on campus, which he applauds. But Ricketts says Green didn’t tell him about other parts of the initiative that say racial discrepancies are caused by systemic racism.

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