Ricketts Welcomes Home NE State Troopers Deployed To Texas Border

(KFOR NEWS  July 22, 2021)  Today (7/22), Governor Pete Ricketts will hold an afternoon press conference to welcome home Nebraska State Troopers returning from a successful deployment to assist the State of Texas in managing the ongoing border crisis.  Nebraska State Patrol Superintendent, Colonel John Bolduc, will join the Governor to discuss the work accomplished during the deployment.

Gov. Ricketts is defending his decision to send state patrol troopers to the U.S.-Mexico border at the request of fellow Republican Gov. Greg Abbott of Texas and using it as an opportunity to rail against the Biden administration, telling Fox News Rundown last month, “This is a huge failure on the federal government’s part, and that leaves states to try to come up with whatever solution they can to try to stem these sorts of crises.”

Ricketts sent 25 troopers to Del Rio, Texas, in late June for a 16 day deployment.  Ricketts announced July 9th that 15 of the State Patrol troopers deployed to Texas will stay 2 additional weeks.

It’s not clear how much the mission is going to cost.

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