Rifle Found In Dead Man’s Run Near East Park Theaters
Lincoln Police cruiser. (Jeff Motz/KFOR News)

LINCOLN–(KFOR Aug. 16)–Lincoln Police are working to find out how a gun got into Dead Man’s Run, the creek that runs through portions of north and east Lincoln, and who it belongs to after it was found around 8 o’clock Sunday night by a 20-year-old woman just north of the East Park Cinema theaters.

Captain Todd Kocian says the woman found a .22-caliber rifle.

“The firearm was found to have a significant amount of rust and mud on it,” Kocian said.  “So it appears it had been in that creek for a while.”

Police are working to identify the owner of the firearm and determine how it came to be at that location. Captain Kocian suggests if you ever find a gun, don’t handle it and call police, so the firearm can be safely removed from the area and secured.