Top Democrats say President Trump would face legal and political challenges if he tries to declare a national emergency to build the border wall with Mexico.

It is the belief of NE U-S Republican Senator, Ben Sasse, that a porous U-S/Mexico border is not the problem. Sasse tells KFOR NEWS a majority of this country’s illegal immigration comes from VISA overstays, so he’d like to see President Trump address that problem.

“I want the government to reopen and I want the border to be funded, but it needs to be a dialogue between the Executive and Legislative branches, not something that happens in the Executive branch alone.”

As to whether or not using military personnel and funding, bypassing Congress, would pass muster with the Founding Fathers who wrote the nation’s Constitution: “There are specific threats and specific places where the border is compromised the military could be used, but in a generic way, no it’s not what the founders envisioned.”

“This category of national security emergency is actually just not a defined term, and that’s a bad thing from ten years ago and now and ten years in the future, we need to define terms like that.”