Scam Asks For Donations Toward LPD’s New Chief
Photo courtesy of Jeff Motz/KFOR News

LINCOLN–(KFOR July 22)–Some people in Lincoln recently have received phone calls asking for donations for new police chief, Teresa Ewins.

They were asked to donate $15, $25, or $35 by credit, debit, or bank account, according to LPD Officer Erin Spilker. She says LPD and all other law enforcement agencies will not call and ask for direct payments to include donations towards the new police chief.

LPD also will not ask for payments of fines, court costs, warrants or legal matters either.  If you receive a call from someone asking for donations for the Lincoln Police Department you should hang up and do not provide any information.

You are welcome to report the suspicious activity to LPD at 402-441-6000.