Southeast Community College will switch to a semester-style academic calendar this fall in order to provide more advantages to its students.
The change from a quarter academic calendar to a semester calendar allows for more time to focus on each class and an easier transition when transferring to a four-year college or university.
Students planning to attend SCC this fall can register April 8 for the first fall semester of a new academic calendar.
“With more than 90 percent of colleges and universities in the United States operating on a semester calendar, SCC will align with its many four-year college and university partners including the University of Nebraska-Lincoln, Peru State College, University of Nebraska Omaha, Doane University, Nebraska Wesleyan University, Bellevue University, Concordia University, and many others,” said Dr. Paul Illich, SCC president.
The conversion also will align better with SCC’s partner high schools, where dual-credit courses are offered on a semester calendar, Illich said.
“SCC is committed to embracing an operational pace that enhances its collaborative and innovative partnerships and promotes SCC’s mission to empower and transform its students and the diverse communities it serves,” Illich added.
The fall semester begins Aug. 26, 2019.
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