School Zone Scofflaws Ticketed

Courtesy of 10/11 News

Over 500 drivers are going to be paying big fines. They were ticketed for either speeding or traffic signal violations during the Lincoln Police Department “Back to School” traffic enforcement project during August.

508 people got speeding tickets in school zones, and two dozen got tickets for traffic signal and sign violations. 78 were caught with no insurance, 160 with no vehicle registration, 18 for driving while suspended, and 4 people had narcotics with them when they were stopped in the school zones.

The project was conducted from August 20th through September 7th with specific emphasis on traffic enforcement in and around the public and parochial schools throughout Lincoln. The project was funded through a grant from the Nebraska Office of Highway Safety.

A complete list of the violations:

Total Citations/Warnings/Arrests 1484

Official Speeding Citations 508
Speeding Warnings 125
Traffic Signal Citations 14
Traffic Signal Warnings 12
Stop Sign Citations 2
Stop Sign Warnings 3
Seatbelt Citations 130
Seatbelt Warnings 38
Child Restraint Citations 5
No Insurance Citations 78
No Insurance Warnings 60
No Valid Registration Citations 160
No Valid Registration Warnings 84
Other Traffic Violations 69
Other Traffic Violation Warnings 156
Suspended Drivers 18
Criminal Arrests 14
Narcotic Arrests 4



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