Senator Fischer’s Decision on Electoral Votes

(KFOR NEWS  January 6, 2021)   Nebraska U.S. Republican Senator, Deb Fischer, has decided to vote in favor of certifying the electoral college votes of the 2020 Presidential Election.  She released this statement:

Like many Nebraskans, I voted for Donald Trump – twice. I campaigned for him and worked closely with him on many significant accomplishments that have made our country more secure and more prosperous. I also share the concern of many Nebraskans about potential voting irregularities. Should there be investigations? Yes. Should states do more to secure their election procedures? Yes. We must have greater confidence that our elections are secure.”

“However, the president’s legal team failed to make the case in court to any judge, including some appointed by President Trump, or to criminal investigators, that widespread voter fraud existed sufficient to overturn election results in any state. Notably, many of the arguments proffered by the legal team on television were not made in the courtroom, in part or at all. Unsubstantiated claims of voter fraud are not enough to discard the election results of states where I may not like the outcome.”

“There are no do-overs; if a state’s results are not counted today (1/6/21), millions of voters across the country will be disenfranchised. Such an extreme action should only be taken with proof of widespread malfeasance. No such proof has been presented. Therefore, it would not be proper for Congress, an inherently political body, to substitute its judgment for the will of the people or for that of states that certified their results.”

“As a United States Senator, I swore an oath to support and defend the Constitution. I will uphold my oath and vote to affirm the decision of the Electoral College. May God bless our great republic, and may He grant us the strength to unite in moving forward for the good of the nation.

Nebraska U.S. Republican Senator, Ben Sasse, has also announced he will vote in favor of certifying the decision of the Electoral College.

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