Senator Mike Hilgers Announces Candidacy For Attorney General

NORFOLK, NE (December 15, 2021) State Senator and Speaker of the Legislature Mike Hilgers has announced his candidacy to be Nebraska’s next Attorney General.  Hilgers is hoping to succeed current Attorney General Doug Peterson. Hilgers made his announcement in Norfolk, where he was introduced by former Speakers of the Legislature Mike Flood and Jim Scheer, both of Norfolk, who have endorsed his candidacy.

“Thank you to Attorney General Peterson for his service to Nebraskans—he has been a great defender of our communities and families. On behalf of Nebraskans across the state, thank you to Doug and Sandi for their service over the last eight years. I am running to build on the great work from Attorney General Peterson and his team.” Hilgers said.

In announcing his campaign, Hilgers said: “The Attorney General plays a critical role in protecting Nebraskans, and as Attorney General I will fight against federal overreach, stand with law enforcement, defend our constitution, and protect our communities and families.”

“Just in the last few months, the Biden-Harris Administration has stretched beyond the law and our constitution, from pushing unlawful vaccine mandates to trying to dictate to states what they can do with their own tax policies,” Hilgers said. “These unlawful actions have been stopped in court, and as Attorney General I will vigilantly protect our constitution against the federal government.”

Hilgers also said that “we have seen efforts around the country to undermine the efforts of our prosecutors and the good men and women of our law enforcement community to keep people safe. As Attorney General I will stand with law enforcement.”

Hilgers has been a private practice attorney for over 15 years. He founded the litigation firm Hilgers Graben, which has been named one of the fastest growing companies in the country by Inc. magazine.

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