Senator Sasse on Release of NC Pastor from Turkish Prison

(courtesy Stringer/AFP/Getty Images)


After years of imprisonment that sparked an international furor, Turkey has released North Carolina Pastor Andrew Brunson from imprisonment.  VOX is reporting his return to America is now expected within the next 48 hours, some experts say.  NE U.S. Republican Senator, Ben Sasse, who urged Turkey’s President to release Pastor Andrew Brunson in March, issued the following statement regarding news of Pastor Brunson’s forthcoming release:

“This is long overdue news. The Turkish government should put Pastor Brunson on the next flight home.  I’m grateful that Pastor Brunson’s unjust detainment is coming to an end. The President and Vice President worked hard for our fellow American’s freedom. As we celebrate with his family, let’s not forget that Andrew is just one of many Americans, US State Department employees, and Western nationals that Erdogan continues to hold hostage. There is still work to be done and President Erdogan has a long way to go before acting like the NATO ally we expect him to be.”



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