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It’s not that Dave Stieren is a fine radio man (which he is), he’s also taken his steak grilling skills and honed them to near perfection. And enjoys an Old Fashion from time to time.

A native of West Point Nebraska, Dave started in radio in much the similar way many other folks do, by operating the board during Husker football games. Logically, as an 8th grader, he saw a better path by working Sundays during both a polka and big band show, bringing the masses of Nebraska what they deeply craved: music no one under the age of 70 cared for.

We’d love to say his radio career blossomed from there, but sadly we cannot. While working part time at KWPN during his high school and college days, Dave foolishly majored in broadcasting at Kearney State (yep, he’s older than he looks). In 1994 he began looking for something new. Something different. Well, he found a different career and a girl that would steal his heart.

After years of putting his broadcast degree to good use by working in International Aviation, Dave rediscovered his love of radio by accident. No. Really. He was a caller to a local show nearly 9 years ago, and faster than you can say Wally Pip, The Dave Stieren Show was born. Dave’s blend of humor, wit, political insight, and a strong sense of the values has shaped his show into a new type of talk show: one that feels more like someone sitting next to you at a café or bar and having a real conversation.

Oh, the girl? He married her in 1995, had a couple of kids, and one little black dog who thinks he’s people. Now muddle up some fruit, because the show’s about to start.

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