(KFOR NEWS  July 16, 2019)  Universal Security Instruments has issued a recall for about 180,000 smoke alarms due to not alarming consumers of fires.

“The smoke alarms can have a misaligned internal switch causing the alarms to not activate properly, posing a risk of failure to alert consumers to a fire,” the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (USCPSC) said in a statement.

The recall is issued for the 10 year battery-operated ionization smoke and fire alarms with model numbers MI3050S and MI3050SB and with date codes between 2015JAN19 through 2016JUL11.

Consumers are asked to immediately inspect their smoke alarms to determine if it will activate properly.

According to the USCPSC website, the company received 134 reports of failure to properly activate during installation.