Standing Bear High School To Open Next School Year For Freshman and Sophomore Students Only

LINCOLN–(News Release Feb. 14)–After reviewing enrollment numbers for the 2023-2024 school year, Lincoln Public Schools officials made the decision to open Lincoln Standing Bear High School next fall with only ninth- and tenth- grades. As of Friday, Feb. 10, there was a robust incoming ninth-grade class with 219 students enrolled, and an incoming 10th-grade class of 26 students enrolled.

“The good news is we are hearing that students and families know that they are getting a quality education where they currently attend high school and don’t want to leave as evident in the upper class numbers,” said Superintendent Paul Gausman. “We are proud to provide options for students to choose where they attend high school. This does, however, provide unique planning challenges as we open new buildings. Opening Standing Bear with freshmen and sophomores only allows us to focus our resources on offering high-quality opportunities and high school experiences where students are attending.”

As the graduating class of 2027 moves through high school, LPS anticipates Standing Bear will meet the designed 1,000 student capacity. In addition, Standing Bear will provide ninth- and tenth-grade students with an extraordinary leadership opportunity to establish a positive school culture.

“The number of students enrolled at Standing Bear will continue to grow each year as we’ve seen with Northwest High School,” added Gausman. “We opened Northwest this year just shy of 500 students in grades 9-11. Our numbers show that next year’s enrollment at Northwest will be closer to 800 students in grades 9-12.”

Future 11th- and 12th- grade students who chose Standing Bear for next fall will automatically be re-enrolled in their current high school, and their counselors will be contacting them. Students in those grades who optioned into Lincoln Public Schools from other school district will have the opportunity to attend one of the other LPS high schools. LPS Student Services will be contacting those families soon with more information.

All freshmen and sophomores at Standing Bear will still experience the pre-pathway classes for the Nebraska Business Focus Program. This will allow them to enroll in the focus program as juniors and seniors.

There will continue to be the opportunity for a wide range of activities and athletics at Standing Bear. The final determination of which opportunities and which levels offered will be determined based on the number, development and experience of the students that go out for athletics and activities. The intent is to be able to offer as many varsity level programs as possible. At this time, Standing Bear is planning to offer most individual sports and activities at the varsity level. Those include: golf, tennis, bowling, swimming and diving, cross country, track, wrestling and speech. One Act is also still planning on varsity competition. Standing Bear will plan to compete at the lower levels (freshmen, reserve, or junior varsity) for football, volleyball, basketball, soccer, softball and baseball. The athletic department will continue to monitor interest in athletics and activities.

If students entering ninth and tenth grades are still interested in attending Standing Bear High School next fall, they need to complete the High School Choice Form as soon as possible if they haven’t already to increase the likelihood that a full range of courses can be offered. Distance learning courses may be offered in some cases. Check out this online document for a complete list of courses currently offered for students at Standing Bear High School.