String of Break-Ins From The Weekend In Waverly Are Being Investigated

WAVERLY–(KFOR Jan. 10)–There were a string of break-ins over the weekend in Waverly and the Lancaster County Sheriff’s Office continues to follow up each case.

According to Sheriff Terry Wagner, all these cases happened mainly early Saturday morning, where in one instance, someone broke the window of a truck belonging to the county parked in the area of 145th and Bailie and stole high-visibility vests, a winter coat, hoodies, gloves and a hard hat.

A few minutes later, a woman called LSO and reported her husband’s 2012 Toyota Tundra with Nebraska license plate number WWI 521 was stolen from their driveway in the area of 149th and Folkstone Streets. The truck had the keys inside and a full tank of gas.

Sheriff Wagner said that later, there was a man living the area of 147th and Castlewood that walked out of his garage and saw a Ford pickup truck in the street with someone throwing something into the bed. The man confronted the driver, who then drove off, and soon found that someone broke into his truck. Then a man wearing dark clothing was walking through that neighborhood and the victim confronted the man, leading to a fight.

A short time later, the driver of the Ford pickup returned, got out of the truck and kicked the homeowner in the face. The homeowner was able to get a license plate number of the truck, which came back as stolen.

Sheriff Wagner said a man staying with the homeowner found out his golf clubs had been stolen from his car which were valued at $1,500. He stresses that it’s important to lock your cars, bring valuables inside your home and never leave keys in your unlocked car.

Investigators are also looking to obtain doorbell camera footage or surveillance video from the areas. If you know anything about these cases, you can call LSO at (402) 441-6500 or Crime Stoppers at Crime Stoppers at (402) 475-3600.