Student Loan Bailout Loses In Court Again

St. Louis, MO (November 14, 2022) President Biden’s plan to forgive student loan debt for millions of borrowers lost another battle in court today when a federal appeals court issued a preliminary injunction stopping the program while an appeal plays out.

The ruling by the three-judge panel from the 8th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals in St. Louis came days after a federal judge in Texas blocked the program, saying it usurped Congress’ power to make laws. The Texas case was appealed and the administration is likely to appeal the 8th Circuit ruling as well.

Nebraska Attorney General, Doug Peterson, issued a statement saying the ruling confirms that states have a right to pursue the case, and that moving forward with the loan forgiveness program threatens serious harm to the economy.

Nebraska’s Governor-Elect, Jim Pillen also commented on the ruling:  “I applaud Attorney General Doug Peterson’s efforts in fighting back against President Biden’s Big Government Bailout of student loans,” said Pillen. “The court’s decision today to halt Biden’s illegal executive order is a win for the rule of law. The federal government should not be bailing out college graduates on the backs of hardworking Nebraskans.”