Survey: Half Of US Companies Gearing Up For Layoffs
(New York Post)

(KFOR NEWS  August 22, 2022)  NEW YORK POST  More than half of all US companies are planning to lay off employees as they brace for an economic downturn, according to a new survey.

The PwC survey — which polled 700 executives and board members across the US — found 52% of companies have already enacted hiring freezes, four out of 10 have rescinded jobs or axed signing bonuses for new hires, and roughly half have started laying people off or are preparing to cut headcount.

The grim numbers underscore how dramatically sentiment has changed from a year ago when employers were handwringing over losing staff amid the so-called “Great Resignation” when employees left corporations in masse.

Nevertheless, companies are still trying to keep top talent happy, with two-thirds of employers increasing pay, expanding benefits or allowing more flexible work schedules for other workers. Some companies are embracing full-time remote work as a way of keeping high performers happy.

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