Suspected Animal Abuse Investigated By LSO

(KFOR NEWS  February 26, 2021)  Around Noon time Wednesday February 24, 2021, a deputy was dispatched to DE Guns at 252 N. 134th street on an animal abuse call.

The reporting party had observed a man kick a dog on the passenger side of a pickup truck.  Video of that incident was obtained, and up loaded to Facebook.  The deputy assigned to the case made contact with the owner of the dog and interviewed him.  He explained there was more to the incident than the 10 sec Facebook video.

The dog is an alpha male, and sometimes requires physical discipline.  The dog is an 80 lb pit bull and would not obey his commands.  The dog was examined and did not have any injuries.

The relevant state statutes, N.R.S. 28-1008 defines “cruelly mistreat” as “knowingly and intentionally kill, maim, disfigure, beat, mutilate, burn, scald, or otherwise inflict any harm upon any animal”. N.R.S. 28-1009 prohibits a person from “cruelly mistreating” an animal.  It was the determination of LSO that the actions of the owner of the pit bull meet the statutory requirements to be able to cite him.