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The Trading Post!

Thank you for listening to the Trading Post! Make sure to give us a call Saturday morning at 402-489-1240 or send us an email item in the entry form toward the bottom of the page. Have a good day!

Here’s what was listed on the Post August 4th:

Lois (402-416-4979)
Free treadmill

Linda (402-483-6610)
2-burner gas grill: $80
Water urn: $100

James (402-890-3029)
Free riverrock
Free sofa

Aldean (402-742-7718)
Selling dishes

Susan (402-304-8923)
Selling a full-length oak mirror: $20
Selling a pet door system: $20

Carl (402-477-5329)
Selling a Radio Flyer tricycle
Selling fiberglass insulation
Selling a Graco stroller

Dean (402-261-5846)
Selling records: $2/each
Selling a 36in garden gate: $30

Anne (402-476-7137)
Selling Fiestaware dishes & silverware: $40/each


Trading Post

Submit your item for this weekend's Trading Post, Saturday 7a-8a. Please submit your item before 6pm on Friday to have read on the following Saturday.