Two Lincoln Vape Shop Burglaries Are Under Investigation

LINCOLN–(KFOR Nov. 11)–Lincoln Police are investigating two vape shop burglaries that happened Wednesday and Thursday in different areas of the city and whether or not they may be connected.

It was around 4am Wednesday, when an alarm was sounding and notified police to check out the Trek CBD store off of 27th and “T.” Glass to the front door was broken that left about $1,000 in damage.  Security video showed a man inside stealing numerous CBD products for a $730 loss.

Then around 5am Thursday, police were called to Kure CBD and Vape off of 33rd and Pioneers, about an alarm going off.  Officers found glass broken on the front door and the store had been rummaged through.  Employees reviewed store video with officers that showed at least two men enter the store and removed numerous vape items.

The estimated loss is around $500, however, a complete inventory will need to be completed.   If you have information on any of these burglaries, call Lincoln Police at 402-441-6000 or Crime Stoppers at 402-475-3600.