U.S. Senator Sasse To Become U.F. President Sasse

Lincoln, NE (November 9, 2022)  U.S. Senator Ben Sasse cleared the final hurdle today and was named the next President of the University of Florida.  The School’s Board of Trustees approved Sasse by voice vote unanimously.

Sasse tweeted “thrilled to join Gator Nation in February – very excited about the work ahead.  Melissa and I have had the great honor of serving Nebraskans in the Senate these 8 years.”

Clarifying the timeline, Sasse said he will finish out the upcoming lameduck session in the Senate and resign in the first week of January.

The appointment of a successor to fill Nebraska’s Senate Seat will be up to newly elected Governor Jim Pillen.  Many are speculating that Pillen will appoint outgoing Governor Pete Ricketts to fill the seat.

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